****Applications for Senior Day Camp Counselors are being accepted for Sessions 2 & 3 only****


How to Apply for a Counseling Position:

Applications for Senior Counselors are being accepted now.  

Teens, if you are interested in working at Sequoia Day Camp this summer, please apply now! Being a camp counselor is a lot of work, although, it is a ton of fun and the pay is good. We are looking for high energy people who are not afraid to speak up, can lead a small group of kids, have great ideas, and most importantly, have a positive attitude! It is very important to have strong work ethics.  Please apply if you don't mind being outdoors in the heat with a bunch of young kids!  They will think you are the greatest!

To apply: Please e-mail us information about yourself.  In your e-mail, include the following: Name, home phone number, your cell phone number, your mother's/father's cell phone number, your age, and the sessions you are available to work. Tell us about your hobbies, interests, and experience with kids and why you would like to be a counselor. Counselor interviews are held mid-April each year.  We will respond to you with an interview time the week before interviews in April. You do not need letters of reference.

Also, please send in your paper application to Lynn Hawblitzel, Day Camp Director, at daycamp@sequoiaclub.net.

Sequoia Club Application (click on the link to print your application)

All inquiries, applications and questions may be sent, either by email or mail,  to:

Lynn Hawblitzel, Sequoia Day Camp Director



Senior counselors must:

be 15 years old or older
be able to work each day of the session you are hired for
like kids
be able to accept direction
be able to manage a group of kids and work as a team
have a positive attitude!

Paid   $300.00

Volunteers at Day Camp!!

We LOVE our volunteers and we need them. If you are 12 years old and would like to spend some time with us at day camp, please e-mail me. Tell me about yourself, your hobbies, interests and your experience with kids. As a counselor in training (c.i.t.) you will be placed with a group for the day. Sometimes that stays the same throughout the session, sometimes, we need to move c.i.t.’s around depending on our needs. You also do not need to commit to a complete session, part of one is fine, and day to day is fine.

Your time will be spent helping the younger campers. That might mean you help them find a lost racket, a towel or shoes. You may need to take a child to the restroom, to swim practice, or help them pack up for the day. Whatever it is, it is helpful to the campers and to all of us. Just remember!! Now YOU are the counselor, not the camper. Your job is to help them have a great time and hopefully you will have a great time too. It will get your foot in the door for when you are old enough to apply for a paid position and see if you like it! Volunteers are not guaranteed a paid position when old enough; it does help us get to know you better though. Think about it!

Lynn Hawblitzel


2018 Sequoia Day Camp Counselor Information  (click on link for a printable version)

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