Sequoia Pool Guest Policies

Part of the fun and wonderful memories made at Sequoia involve bringing friends and family to the club who are not Sequoia members.  We welcome guests, and are happy for our members to bring friends and extended family to the club as often as they like.  

The following is the policy on guests:           

1.       Members must sign in all guests when they arrive at the pool, and pay the guest fee ($5) in cash or by charging to the member account.

2.       Guests must attend with a member, and may not sign in and use a membership without the sponsoring member being present.  If you have extenuating circumstances (your guests need to arrive before you can arrive at the club), please contact Kim Sheridan, club manager, at 615-557-3632 in advance to let her know that you will have guests arriving at the pool without being present.  We must have a member responsible for every guest at the club in the event of an emergency or other situation that would require removing a guest from the club.  It is even more important that we know that every person who visits the club has permission to be present.

3.       Nannies, sitters, and grandparents who come to the club to supervise member children do NOT have to sign in as guests, provided that the member parents are NOT present. We want all member children to be able to enjoy the club even when their parents cannot be present to supervise, so we do not charge a guest fee for adults who supervise children at the pool in the absence of their parents.

4.       Only dependent family members are included in the family membership.  This includes children under the age of 25 who are dependents in the household, and senior parents who live with the family.  Any dependent family member may use the family membership at the club at any time free of charge.  Adult children, grandchildren, grandparents, and children over the age of 25 who are not dependents are NOT included in the family membership, and must be signed in as a guest.

5.       Guests may not charge to member accounts unless the member is present and signs the ticket.  This policy is in effect to protect our members.

Protecting the safety of our members and children at the pool is of utmost importance, so it is important that all members respect the guest policy and sign in all guests when they arrive at the pool.  Our club manager and staff do a great job of learning the names and faces of our members over the summer, so they are very aware when new faces arrive.   Please continue to bring your guests to the pool, but please help us and also remember to sign them in when they arrive!

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