Fall 2018 Junior Tennis Program at Sequoia

“Start them early, start them right!”

 Your Child’s Pathway to Tennis Success


Specializing in children ages 10 and under by properly developing their

tennis game and giving them the opportunity to reach the next level.

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Our 8 week schedule begins August 27th  

  • All registrations by email: tennis@sequoiaclub.net
  • Please state your child’s name, age and specific week/weeks you would like to attend.
  • You will be billed for the entire week
  • Non member guest fee: one day per week class $30.00/Two or more days per week class $50.00
  • Non member registration opens Aug. 13th for sessions that are not full.


  1. Level 1: Teeny Tiny Team 4 yrs: Mondays only  3:45-4:30 (5 wks only starting Sept 10th)

 This class will introduce the youngest “players to be” to tennis using a variety of drills and games designed to develop hand/eye skills, footwork, throwing and other tennis movement patterns. We will use foam balls, hula hoops, targets, ladders and more to incorporate skills into pre-tennis games. There will be nonstop movement for a full 45 minutes!

 Cost: $60 for all 5 weeks starting Sept. 10th


2. Level 2: Tiny Team 5-6 yrs: offered M, W 4:30-5:15 pm

The practice sessions for this age group utilize a 36’ court and play with 19”, 21”, or 23” racquets.  This group will use the USTA approved red low compression ball.  Our goal is to help these children learn the basic skills and principles of the game as quickly as possible when they come to tennis for the first time.  It is important that they enjoy the experience of hitting balls and being on the tennis court.

Cost: 1 day/wk $96, 2 days/wk $165


3. Level 3: Future Team 7-8 yrs: offered M, W, Tr 5:15-6:15 pm

Children in this group play with a 21” or 23” racquets on a 36’ court with USTA approved red low compression ball.  The goal of the practices is to help the children learn and develop the basic skills as quickly as possible and to enjoy the experience of hitting balls over the net.  Children will be learning groundstrokes, serving, return of serve and volleys as well as introducing point play.

Cost: 1 day/wk $120, 2 days/wk $200, 3 days/wk $250


4. Level 4: Challenger Team 9-10 yrs: offered M, W, Tr 5:15 - 6:15 pm

Children in this group will practice with 23” or 25” racquets and play on a 60’ court with USTA approved orange low compression balls.  The goal of these practices is to help the players learn the skills to play the game and improve as quickly as possible.  Learning how, why and when to play the different shots and where to be on the court is important.  Being able to do so means that these players can gain confidence and have fun learning and competing.

Cost: 1 day/wk $120, 2 days/wk $200, 3 days/wk $250

5. Level 5: Junior Team 11-up: offered T, Tr 4:30-6:00 pm

This group will practice with 26” or 27” racquets and play on the full court using USTA approved green dot balls. To be in this group the player must be able to serve full court and keep score.  Much of the Tournament Team program is supplemented with pro-feed drills, rallying and cooperative drilling and considerably more instruction on mechanics.  This group is encouraged to play challenge matches; inter-club matches and USTA non ranked tournaments. 

Cost: 1 day/wk $175, 2 days/wk $250


6. Level 6: Tournament Team (Ability Only): offered T, Tr, 4:30-6:00pm

This class will consist of fast moving, self-feeding drills, with many competitive situations. It’s a very physical group with advanced drilling, mental toughness training and self discipline. This group is expected to play matches, local USTA tournaments, and to play on middle and high school tennis teams.

Cost: 1 day/wk $175, 2 days/wk $250


All registrations by email to tennis@sequoiaclub.net

Tryout - Back to School Camps Fall 2018

Session 1

When:  Tuesday July 31st - Friday August 3rd

Who:   Ages 9 and up

Time:  9:00am-12:00pm

Cost:   $50.00 per day or $175 for the 4 day week


  Session 2

When: Monday August 6th - Thursday August 9th

Who: Ages 9 and up

Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Cost: $50.00 per day or $175 for the 4 day week 


This camp will include stroke production, serving, scoring, footwork and conditioning, singles and doubles match play.

Please email the tennis office at tennis@sequoiaclub.net to reserve your spot in the camp.





Sequoia will host a USTA TN Level 4 Tournament

 On August 10th - 12th.  A Tennessee Level 4 tournament is a "open" event to all USTA ranked players.  We want to encourage Sequoia junior players to play in this event.  

For sign ups and information go to: https://tennislink.usta.com/Tournaments/TournamentHome/Tournament.aspx?T=219844





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