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2019 Sequoia Day Camp
Session Dates:
(1) June 10 – June 21  SESSION ONE IS CLOSED AS OF 04/26/19
(2) June 24 – July 5    SESSION TWO IS CLOSED AS OF 06/17/19
(3) July 8 – July 19  SESSION THREE IS CLOSED AS OF 05/06/19
Mon, Wed, Fri
9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
Cost:  $175.00 per session members
Cost: $200.00 per session non-members
Age Requirement:  4 – 9 years old
(Campers must be 5 years old by 9/30/2019)
Member Only Sibling Discount

Sign up more than one child for Sequoia Day Camp, and get a $25.00 discount for each additional child up to 2 children maximum

The Sequoia Day Camp is a camp filled with crafts, music, sports, tennis, swimming, friends, and fun!  The mission of the camp is to provide an enjoyable and safe environment for each child where he/she has the opportunity to try new things and feel accepted and successful. 
Day Camp After Care Now Available

If you would like to have a day camp counselor watch your child/children after camp we can help! Camp ends at 2:00.  Although, if you'd like to hire a babysitter to keep your campers until 5:00, contact Lynn Hawblitzel, day camp director, or Kim Sheridan, club manager, for the list of available teens.

We have a new policy for non-swimmers:
Every afternoon at camp we have free swim time. All campers are able to go to both pools together with their friends and counselors. We take care in making sure all campers know the pool rules and expectations while using the pools because it is important for everyone to be safe while having a great time cooling off! We have a new policy that all non-swimmer campers must wear a flotation device during free swim and a wrist band of certain color to be easily identified. With so many campers and members in the pool at the same time, we feel this is best! A non-swimmer is a camper that cannot save themselves if they get in water over their head.
 Even though we will do a swim test of your child’s swimming ability level on the first day of camp, we would appreciate it if you would let us know ahead of time if your child is a non-swimmer. You can do this when your child’s counselor calls you before the start of camp. We will need them to bring this flotation device with them each day so they can freely enjoy the family pool alongside of their counselor.
Camp Registration:  Campers will be registered upon completion and receipt of:
  • 2019 Sequoia Day Camp Registration form
  • 2019 Sequoia Day Camp Health History form is required (must be received by the camp director, Lynn Hawblitzel, on or before the first day of camp.)
  • 2019 Waiver Form
  • Payment of session fee
Fun, Festive, Fantastic Fridays!  Every Friday is an extra special day at camp.  Special events are planned and may include ice cream, special music, field day; water slides…perform skits and sing songs. Campers should wear Sequoia Day Camp t-shirts on Fridays.
Family Fun Night:  At 7:15, on the evening of the last day of camp, there is a family program where campers perform their skits, followed by an ice cream party, late night swim, an optional overnight camp-out in the back field complete with a bonfire and roasting marshmallows (bring a hanger or good stick!). Parents are required to camp with their child.  Tent set up can be done anytime the day of the camp-out and you may break camp as early or as late as you like.
Family Fun Night Dinners: Come early for our family picnic dinner, 6:15 to be exact! We offer a good old fashioned Fried Chicken picnic dinner.  Cost is $4.00 per person.  A super deal & a great way to start the evening!
Rainy Day Policy:  If it rains, or the weather becomes severe, we will move camp to the club house for safe coverage.  We will still hold camp each day, rain or shine! If you are concerned about weather and your child, please call the Front Desk at 615-373-8426.
Swim Team:  If your child is on the swim team, he/she may leave camp to go to practice.  However, please understand they will miss the activity at camp to do this.  Sometimes, they prefer to practice in the afternoon.  Please talk this over with your child.
What to Bring?  Please label all personal belongings.  Campers are responsible for all items brought to camp.
  • Swim Suit (wear under clothes)
  • Tennis Racket Tennis shoes and socks
  • Frozen drink, preferably water
  • Towel, Sunscreen, Swimming necessities, not toys (goggles, etc.)
  • Backpack (to hold everything)

Lunch / Snacks:  Lunch is NOT included in the price of camp.  Pack a non-perishable lunch each day.  Some snacks will be provided.  Please send water or juice with campers (no sodas).  There will be ample water coolers for campers and they are encouraged to drink, drink, and drink!  Campers are NOT allowed to go to the Concessions or Candy stands during camp hours.

2019 Sequoia Day Camp Information (click on link for a printable version)


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