Sequoia Club, Inc.

Physical Address: 2120 Chickering Lane, Nashville, TN 37215

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 58204, Nashville, TN 37205

Sequoia is a wireless campus

Password: sequoiamember


Key Staff Members

Club Manager - Kim Sheridan - 615-557-3632 (available year-round)

Accounting Manager - Jodi Ervin (available year-round)

Tennis Director - Mark Srouji - 615-373-8132 (available year-round)

Day Camp Director - Lynn Hawblitzel - 615-568-5027 (available year-round)

On-site Pool Manager - 615-373-8426 (available during pool season only)

Sequoia Café (available during pool season only)

Pool Management - Greater Nashville Pool Management - 615-791-4497 (available year-round)


Sequoia Board Members


Term Ending September, 2021

Susana Huddleston - Secretary - 615-428-2620 -

Hays Green - President - 615-406-0013 -

Andy McCloud - Treasurer/Finance/Budget Chair - 615-218-0325 -

Charlie Malone - Legal/Risk Mgmt./HR Chair - 615-491-9008 -

Jennie Witherspoon - Dive Team Chair - 615-545-7745 -

Term Ending September, 2022

Kyle Armstrong - 615-207-5503 -

Miller Callen - 615-202-3125 -

Will Coles - New Board Selection Chair - 980-428-3233 -

Julie Gontarek - Vice-president/Tennis Chair - 615-804-8043 -

Catharine Husbands - 615-315-1244 -

Jennifer Rice - 615-310-1594 -

Term Ending September, 2023

Lewis Agnew - Capital Improvements/Maintenance Chair - 615-712-4318 -

Sarah Angus - 615-612-9283 -

Joy Cox - 615-500-4338 -

Eileen Hernandez - Swim Team Chair - 615-438-8665 -

Chris Keefer - Pool Chair - 615-579-8416 -

Drake Porter - 615-423-6556 -


History of the Sequoia Club


The Sequoia Club had its beginning in July 1954, when Dr. Robert S. Alvarez wrote to 180 friends and neighbors asking if they would be interested in joining a family-centered swimming and tennis club.  The cost would be only a fraction of the cost of the country club.  There would be no drinking or gambling, and the activities would be centered around the needs of children, rather than adults.


The response was tremendous.  Almost sixty percent of this original group wanted to join such a club, and they recommended other families.  The membership grew.  The original site was given up when a neighbor objected to its use, so Dr. Alvarez started on his long search for another location.  He checked 114 different sites before he found one that he could buy.  It had city water and was the best of all that he had seen in his ten month search.


Construction began in the spring of 1957 and the pool was opened on the 20th of August and dedicated on Labor Day.


At the onset, our facilities consisted of a nice swimming pool, but it was necessary to change clothes at home and go home wet.  Later a bathhouse was constructed.  Since that time the tennis courts, all-purpose court, playground, swings, permanent charcoal grates, baseball diamond, walkways, and security lights have been added to make the club truly enjoyable for the entire family. 


A second swimming pool was constructed in the fall of 1965.  Three new tennis courts with lighting facilities for night play were constructed during 1965-1966 and a new baby pool and fountain were built during the spring of 1967.


In 1974, Sequoia began the first of the popular Day Camps for youngsters.  In 1975, two more tennis courts with lights were built and the Pro Shop was added the following year.  In 1977, the clubhouse was painted and remodeled, and the grounds were extensively landscaped.  In 1978, the plumbing and electrical equipment servicing both pools was completely replaced in keeping with the Club’s philosophy of properly maintaining the facilities.


The 1979 summer season opened with the excitement of the Sequoia Invitational Tennis Tournament, a USTA sanctioned event, drawing top players from across the state.  Currently there is a Junior Division and Adult Division of the SIT.  Improvements were made to the tennis viewing area in 1988 with the addition of a gazebo and patio roof outside courts #4 and #5.


In 1989, the members voted to approved the 1990 Project which included:  (1) a major addition and remodeling of the pavilion and entrance area, (2) a large addition to the lap pool which would allow the use of a 3-meter diving board, and (3) replacement of the tennis shack with a new building consisting of restrooms, pro shop, office and covered deck.  There projects were completed in May 1990.


During the summer of 1993, the need to make renovations to the original family pool was presented to the membership.  Plans to rebuild the family pool and baby pool were approved and construction of a new family pool within the original pool was completed in 1994.  The baby pool area was also renovated in 1994.


During the summers of 2000 and 2001, Phase I and Phase II of adding new pool slides and playground equipment were completed for the children’s added enjoyment of the club.  Also in 2001, Tennis Courts #1, #2, and #3 were resurfaced, with the installation of new fencing.  Hydro court/Clay tennis courts were built in the spring of 2003, over the existing tennis courts #7 and #8, along with the addition of new lighting and fencing.  In 2005 court #4, #5, and #6 were resurfaced.


In 2004, Sequoia relined the lap pool.  In 2005, the club underwent some major capital improvements which included the paving of the old gravel parking lot, updating of the electrical and plumbing systems, and the installation of new roofs to the main pavilion, guard house, and pool house. 


In the summer of 2012, Sequoia members voted to proceed with the most significant capital improvement project in the history of the club. In the Fall of 2012, the existing clubhouse, baby pool, and two of the lower tennis courts were demolished, and construction commenced on a $2 million capital project that included the construction of a new clubhouse, a separate additional bath house for the pool area, three new post-tension tennis courts, a new zero-entry baby pool, expanded deck space for the pool area, an improved playing field, and a new parking lot adjacent to the tennis courts.  In the course of the construction project, new electrical systems were installed for the entire pool and clubhouse area, and new lighting was installed throughout the majority of the campus.


Sequoia presently sponsors swimming and diving for youngsters ages 5-18 and supervised tennis programs for both adults and youngsters.  All programs offer participants opportunities for competition and private instruction.  Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day family picnics are highlights of each summer season.


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